The Trouble With Trains 3 is the third/last film in the series in February 24th, 2008.


One day, Max had a conversation with Sir Clearence Porter about the allowance. He didn't want to get a job but his father thinked he would. He wanted to go out of town, so Jeremy could hardly say that he could do a few hours as Gary while working on some projects to hand in mind. He wanted him to keep up his allowance. And so, Sir Clearence would make him do the job as he said.

At City-Lines Station, Doug and Smithy were listening to the "I Got You Babe" song when suddenly Top Hatt angrily tells them to turn the music down. He wanted to find another engine again. Doug wanted him to borrow one - but it was getting tricky. When Danny arrived, he was suffering frosty bites. And then, Top Hatt wrote about the replacement engine and replacement for dim idler.

Day 1Edit

Reggie was standing with Top Hatt next to the big engine sheds, he would say that Little Western would be here in just a few minutes. He would say it was an absolute bargain. Reggie was having a conversation with him all about Max. He would rather work with him - but he said it was a collosal weight of space.

Reggie and Top Hatt were at Topshed station, and Sir Clearence Porter and Max arrived on Little Western. He would say that he gave service and bride of owner-ship when he was giving him. He would make Top Hatt do his best to keep him on track as he told him that he didn't want to be it. He knew why he would lose his allowance and Top Hatt needed Reggie to take Max to meet the crew in the sheds.

At the engine sheds, the train drivers were having tea and Reggie took Max to introduce them to him. They were tasting the Earl Grey Tea, but not the other ones. So Max had to try it, but before he drank it, he thought it was grey. Then, he asked Neon about the kind of flavoured tea, and he guessed it was nice and tasty. So Max had drank the good British tea.

At the shunting yards, Reggie, Max, and Little Western were about to get ready to take the coaches. Reggie showed Max how to drive Little Western and when he backed him up, Little Western back-fired and backed down the coaches and biffed and bashed them. Reggie told him to be careful and he carefully tightened up the couplings.

Reggie, Max, and Little Western took the passenger train to Topshed station. When they arrived, Reggie uncoupled Little Western from the first coach as the signalman switched the points for the Metroliner to speed through the station. When it was gone, Reggie wanted Max to make Little Western whistle to allow the signalman to switch the points, but it was too late. He had made Little Western puffed to the wrong direction and came off the rails on the switching track. Mr. Crockett arrived in his tow truck to lift Little Western back on the tracks as Max apologized to Sir Clearence Porter and talked about Little Western being derailed. Top Hatt arrived and wanted a steam crane like Harvey and Reggie would think that Mr. Crockett would do a reasonal job.

Back at the sheds, Reggie and Max sent Little Western back since he met the manager. He wanted to be signed up and understand him. Neon asks Reggie how was Max feeling and he answered "Pain in the mouth." Soon after, he got a cleaning stick to clean No. 317's ash-pan. He said, it's not too bad and Max decided to do it.

Day 2Edit

Neon was on-board the old green steam engine No. 317's cab, and Reggie asked Max however he was and Max answered that he was acting really bad. He asked Reggie what was happening today, and Reggie suggested him to be a fireman. He was a qualified fireman and he got three trains today non stop from Top-shed Station. Max suggested that he wanted to drive the diesel engines like the Metroliner.

Onboard 317, Reggie and Max has to take the 5:00 train to City Lines (five o'clock in the afternoon). Max has any sign of his life and saw the conductor blowing his whistle waving a green flag. So they started off and Max and Reggie had a conversation. He has three reasons to give them to Max all about driving the steam train, and Reggie just made No. 317 kept up steam.

Back at Top-shed, Reggie and Max had a conversation about driving a train still. He told him to keep up steam loudly enough and much about shoveling on the cab floor, and line up with No. 317 on Thursday. But when this happened, Max need his beauty sleep, and he told him that he has Thursday mornings off.

Day 4Edit

Back at the sheds in the morning, Reggie saw Max on time since he was awake. Max was onboard No. 317 shoveling the coal in his firebox. When he had the bucket with him, he put some latter in it, too. Suddenly, the fire started to light up and the bucket caught fire. He yelled at Reggie and told him about the fiery bucket and he told him to put it on the end of the shovel and take it away from the shed so it can burn itself off. But, when Max threw the bucket into the waste container, the fire soon spread all over the sheds. Reggie telephoned for the fire brigade, and then he told them all about the sheds all catching fire. The fire alarm rang, the four firefighters got inside the four red fire engines and raced into action on the way to the engine sheds. They all put the fire out, and the fire faded out.

Day 7Edit

A few days later Top Hatt and Reggie had a conversation about Max. Top Hatt was saying that Max was a walking disaster area. Reggie said that company was doing well, when he never kept him without promise. Afterwards, Max came by to see Reggie, if he wanted to recover from pleasent incidents. Reggie planned to take Max a ride on Little Western to City Lines Station to look at the set around it.

When Reggie, Max and Little Western arrived at City Lines Station, he met three people: first was Danny who was the porters in the station, second was Doug who was the stationmaster, third was Smithy who was in charge of the ticket office, and lastly, but certainly not at least, was Stephanie who owned the cafe and Max fell in love with her whenever he said "hello" to her. And Reggie says that Top Hatt's office was upstairs, and he said he locked it when he was out. At the waiting chairs, Danny, Doug, Smithy, and Max had a conversation when Reggie bought four tea cups of tea and continued the conversation. Afterwards, Reggie, Max, and Little Western were heading backwards to the engine sheds again. Reggie came to see Top Hatt about the motivator.

Day 15Edit

Reggie came to see Max on-board Thomas talking about the progress making. When Neon came to meet him when he asked him if he remembered Larry's time at the party tonight. Neon said that the party takes place at Railway-men's gloves at 7:30pm (half past seven in the evening). At Railwaymen's gloves, everyone enjoyed Larry's retirement while Reggie and Max were drinking tea. Reggie would say that the 46,000 was what he needed to run the line. He said that he was a great steamer, strong and sound good. The railway manager asked if Reggie wanted to see Neon, and Neon asked his darling if she liked jewelry and she slapped a pastry on his face. He said that she was punched before a punchline. Lucas gave attention to the people to welcome Larry Thompson, the stage at the man in hour. Larry started conversation to the drivers for 40 years of railway work and 17 premier of the Desk Railway and Neon asked if how many researches had he done it? After it, Reggie and Max were about to leave and Max wanted the Pratchett's four checks. When Lou's Cafe was closing, Neon and Blue were talking. The manager told everyone the restaurant would close in case people didn't want to go home and couldn't stay in any more .

Day 15/Day 16Edit

During midnight, Red knocked on the front door of Neon's house to share a flat. Red guessed that Neon had more than 7 pints to be exact 10 things. Next to the corner, Red said that Neon was his best mate, and then he threw him in the couch and he toppled backwards and went to sleep. He would see him first thing in the morning, while Neon was sleeping.

Day 16Edit

The next morning, at 8:45am (quarter to nine in the morning), Neon was trying to search for the channel to watch Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends when Red got out of bed. He saw him before asking Neon that he wouldn't believe the television show, and he said hangover. Red came outside of Neon's house to say good morning to Reggie. As usual, Reggie rode the bicycle back to the sheds to meet Max. He talked to him about the last night that Max was talking to Stephanie and didn't get a chance to see him. Max wanted to help him prove his wrong things, and Reggie wanted him to do it by himself to prove he was a real railway manager. Busily, Reggie drove No. 317 and Max drove Little Western.

Day 30Edit

Max came inside the engine sheds to speak to some other train drivers. The first driver knew T.K. Max (Thor Kemarda) and Max asked who was him, and the second driver answered that he was the Chief Examiner who had driven Stephenson's Rocket. Reggie was reminding Max that it was Judgement Day. Later, T.K. Max arrived at the scene and approaches at Reggie.

T.K. asked that Reggie wasn't expecting him and Reggie answered that no one expected and then introduced Max. And then, he said hello to him and made him start off to oil up No. 317. Just then, T.K. said that it was adequate and then he would ride inside No. 317's cab to observe his technique. On-board No. 317, T.K. let Max do wrong in the main examination. Steadily, Max drove No. 317 in a tight position as he drove carefully on the tracks.

Not long ago, former operator Larry Thompson had been gone from the City Lines signalling tower and the signalling system on the computer has a critical error. When Max continued driving No. 317 up to City Lines, the computer still had critical warning error and the points set to the massive white high speed electric train's line and caught the wheel of the passenger coach and derailed.

Reggie and Max arrived at the scene of a disaster after arriving at City Lines station. Suddenly, he said that the new signalling equipment had controlled the points and something might be wrong here. Danny, Doug, Smithy, Stephanie and Sir Clearence Porter arrived to see what was the matter and then, they heard an unexpected sound in the distance, it was the Metroliner and was coming straight to pass through City Lines station. Reggie panicked about the malfunction affected the points.

Max came up with an idea: A radio to radio the driver of the Metroliner to stop the Metroliner to crash at the back end of No. 317's coaches and a red brake-van cutting through. He ran upstairs to Top Hatt's office, and he begged to use the radio equipment. Up ahead, the Metroliner was cheerfully gliding down the line when the driver heard Max onto the radio to stop it.

Not so dangerous, the Metroliner frequently applied the brakes, just in time, and nearly hit the red brake-van right behind the old green steam locomotive's coaches. Reggie came to see Max that he did a great job on stopping the Metroliner, just in time. He decided to do something to get a new signalling system and Top Hatt made a note: "Replacement for Hal 9,000 signalling system." From colour to monochrome, Max and Stephanie had gone for a date. Little Western had entered full service and pulled the three coaches and a red brake van. 50 years later, it was soon popular that Top Hatt raised funds for a new red J-74 tank engine, funds for the C.I.J.R. 46468, and the funds for the Andrew Barclay's No. 1791 "Lady Nan".

And at last, the whole story halted as the flash animation of Green Sonic the Hedgehog announcing that "The Trouble with Trains" series came to an end. He would say that they would return to the Desk Railway. From now on, boilers remained silent, water tanks were empty, and the fireboxes were cold. At the end of the movie, No. 317 shunted his coaches back to the shunting yards once again, and the Metroliner or high speed electric train took a well-earned rest into the siding. Little Western, J-74 Red Dock Shunter, and No. 317 went back into the engine sheds once again and went to sleep as the ending credits scrolled.

After the ending credits, Lady Nan, Little Western, J-74 Red Dock Shunter, and No. 317 whistled loudly, and then C.I.J.R. No. 46468 pulled the passenger train away by whistling through the countryside.

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