The Trouble With Trains 2 is the second film of The Trouble With Trains trilogy on the Desk Railway. It was uploaded on TurboJUK's YouTube Channel on February 15th, 2007.


The story continued as the male narrator spoke that the new high speed electric train the Metroliner has working on the Desk Railway, and the old green steam engine #317's repairs was nearly finished for almost three months ago. Since then, the Desk Railway needed to extended the line because it was granted extra funding.

As the Metroliner (with Reggie driving it after being recovered from his injuries after his last accident with the old steam train #317) pulled into the station, there was Green waiting for him. Reggie didn't see him since the talent show and Green asked Reggie about how the Metroliner was going. Reggie replied that it was much more smoother than the old steam train. However, Neon called out to Reggie to get the Joe 12:05 train ready to move (five minutes past twelve in the afternoon).

Whilst the Metroliner was running, a car was driving along the road - but then it broke down and was now stalled on the Railway line. The driver gets out of the car to push it away from the tracks - but then he heard a strange sound of the Metroliner's horn in the distance and saw it coming towards him. The car driver jumped clear, and so is Reggie as the electric train crashed into the car and came off the rails.

After the accident, both the Metroliner and car were repaired - but when Reggie started the electric train up, its engine didn't respond at all. He climbed down, open the door to the electric train's engine and realized that the Metroliner had a car engine! That means the workman had swapped out the train and car's engine. The driver was driving his car much too fast (with the train's engine in it) and crashed off the edge of the desk.

Top Hatt, the manager and owner of the Desk Railway, was outrage of what happened to the Metroliner. He sternly responded to Reggie and Neon to find a new engine before tomorrow morning because the Sodor Island Forum members would arrive to see how the Desk Railway was running to make profits for the rest of the year or else Reggie and Neon were both fired up.

Soon, Reggie and Neon at the loco yard where the locomotives were on sale. Herr Man (which means Mr. Man in German language) the owner of the loco yard showed them that he had steam, diesel, electric, Lego, Hornby, OO gauge, N gauge, L gauge, Take Along/Take'N'Play, Brio, ERTL and many other locomotives. First, Herr Man showed Reggie and Neon a Hornby BR Class 37 No. 37063, but it was acting too grouchy to work. But every locomotives, they tried, were much too big or small. Herr Man explained to Reggie that he sold the last 9 Volt L gauge engine this morning today much to Neon's frustration. Suddenly, Herr Man had an idea he telephoned the Winkstead Hall and asked the butler to contact the Lordship (who was an old friend to Top Hatt) to have his locomotive Bessie to stay at the Desk Railway during a week loan.

The next day, Bessie arrived slowly with the Lordship of Winkstead Hall on board and made the Sodor Island Forum members pleased with the service Bessie made. But on the last day of Bessie's visit, the car driver who was driving his new car got distracted by his cell phone, he began to find it but the car driver wasn't watching where he was going and got jumped off the road by a car wheel rim.

At the ceremony of Bessie's last day at the Desk Railway, the car crashed into a passenger coach between the red caboose and the first coach. The Lordship of Winkstead Hall wasn't sure if Bessie would be able pull one coach instead of two. Because it would get overloaded. but Reggie and Neon would see how Bessie managed.

2 hours later, Bessie had come to a halt, but Reggie noticed the car driver's destroyed old car and jumped off the desk to open the old car's hood. He marveled in awe that he found the Metroliner's jet engine which was undamaged. Neon placed the diesel engine motor on Bessie's coal tender, and finally the old jet engine was going very fast indeed at 126 miles an hour and made it to the station on time. Neon told Top Hatt about a cold sweat and Reggie had got something warm in his pants.

The very next day, the old green steam engine No. 317 came back to service looking as good as new, and Bessie went back to Winkstead Hall, while the Metroliner stay to help out with the trains. But Top Hat pondered about the future of his Railway, and he decided to think and bought a new tank engine called the Little Western. Naturally, there were some double teething troubles. But once again, that's another story.