The Trouble With Trains is the first film of The Trouble With Trains trilogy on the Desk Railway. It was uploaded on TurboJUK's YouTube Channel on August 19th, 2006.


This first movie started off at Loop station when Reggie the train driver started singing a song called "I've been working on the railroad" and got on-board an old green steam locomotive. Red arrived to see him to talk to Reggie about driving trains. In fantasy, an old green steam engine was riding on the rails, and fell off into the barrier. After doing this, he got on-board driving an old green steam locomotive. When he drove it much too fast, they were hung on the edge of the desk.

Red talked to the policemen about the derailed train. He thinked that Reggie was driving the train much too fast around the circle a couple of times. A police officer used his intercom to speak off to Reggie.

Neon came over to Red and talked to him what was going on. Red showed him the derailed train, and he wanted a plan to get the train back onto the rails. Neon hatched a new plan. He wanted some explosives. Red was serious to him that wasn't a good plan at all. He didn't want him to blow up the train.

So, Neon needed Red to go and find his other friends out. Blue, Odd-job, and Crystal didn't have the plan except for Yellow at all. In fact, the secured blocks (made of Blu-Tack) were being secured on the old green steam locomotive's wheels, and the policeman made the passengers get out of the train. Odd-job accidently detached the red caboose from the passenger coach and had almost fallen down to the ground. A police officer with glasses ordered Odd-job to reattach the red caboose back onto the passenger car as quickly as possible.

With the Penguin's help, he brought The Dooms-day Project, an enormous robot to pull the old green steam engine back onto the railway tracks, and at last it was safely off the edge of the desk, but it got tipped over onto the other side instead of back on the railway line due to the blue-tack that Yellow secured. Reggie was brought to the hospital in the ambulance, and Neon and Red took the old green steam locomotive to Nubby the mechanic. Three months would be longer for Red to think he'd be able to see it again.

But the next day, the railway bought out a Metroliner high speed electric train to run the passenger service while the old green steam locomotive was being repaired. It only had one accident for the last shock.


  • Reggie
  • Red
  • Neon
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Oddjob
  • Crystal