The Desk Railway is a railway line running across and around The Desk. Its layout is that of a large loop, with several branches, sidings and stations dotted around.

History Edit

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Stations Edit

There are three known stations on the railway; Topshed Station, Cityline Station and Metrohalt Station. All of the stations on the railway are single platforms and are located on a loop off of the main line.

Topshed Station is a small unmanned station located near the engine sheds.

Cityline Station is a major stop located within the heart of the Cardboard City. The main office is located here

Metrohalt is another major stop on the outskirts of the city. Euan is based there.


Locomotives Edit

The railway operates a number of different engines, the majority of them being steam locomotives.

  • Lego Railways Class MT no. 317
  • Lego Railways Metroliner no. 40196
  • No. 14 "Little Western"
  • South Desk Railway Class J74 no. 7497
  • C&IJR Class 46000 no. 46468
  • Andrew Barclay no. 19 "Glenwood"
  • NWR Class TH10 no. 1000
  • Lego Railways Class 9F no. 92251
  • Lego Railways Class CL no. 3225
  • Lego Railways Class AM no. 10194 "Emerald Night"

Despite the large number of engines, the railway has a rather modest amount of stock vehicles.

Accidents and Incidents Edit

The railway has had a number of accidents across the years, many of them involving the same locomotive and driver. Such incidents damaged equipment and killed all on board in a gruesome manner.

Early in the railway's existence, while it was still under construction, Reggie accidentally drove the 317 off the edge of The Desk. While it was not a large drop and the damage minor, it took a long time to repair the locomotive owing to a lack of spare parts.

In The Trouble With Trains, Reggie once again derails the 317 after excessive speed caused the failure of a fishplate. This time, he was able to stop the locomotive before it careered over the edge of The Desk, however it came to a stop with its front wheels hanging precariously over the edge - had the engine and its train fallen, it would have been disastrous. A rescue operation was soon mounted to recover the rolling stock, with the 317 being sent away for repairs afterwards.

In The Trouble With Trains 2, not long before the 317 returned, the Metroliner was involved in a collision with a car that had stalled on the line. While the damage to both was soon repaired, a mix up with their engines meant that the train could not pull its own weight and was taken out of service.

In The Trouble With Trains 3, a signalling issue caused one coach of the 317's train to derail over a set of points, blocking the main line and nearly causing a high-speed collision with the Metroliner.